Risking Revelation

I’m Still Alive

and risking revelation


Four years ago, after completing a 10-day vision quest on the Mad River in northern California, this project was born. It was not planned. It happened. My intention for the quest was simple, though not easy: to let the river take the poison I had carried within, for most of my adult life, all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

For decades, I had committed to several modalities of therapy, in the hopes of reversing the effects of being raised in an environment of devastating misogyny and unpredictable violence. I hoped to do more than just rise above the pain and merely survive. More precisely: I yearned to rip free from the embedded tentacles of unearned shame that would not let go of me. During my solo time on the river (4 days and 4 nights) I dove deep into the healing waters and invited the river and the earth that held her, to speak to me and to guide me to the true home within myself.

I am a musician, vocal coach and poet but for some time, had mainly been supporting others in their creative work. Within a month of returning home, lost parts of myself began pouring through. At times, I felt compelled to rise in the middle of the night to compose a poem or song. A year later, I realized I must share this body of work and joined forces with Paul Lamb (recording engineer, bassist, composer) and Jo Mansell (vocalist extraordinaire) to record 14 tracks of spoken poetry and songs over the following two years. Several other musicians joined me in this endeavor. It is my hope that this work will reach as many as possible, both those who know the experience firsthand, and those who wish to understand it.

Jo Mansell and I offer presentations (including performance) on this process and the transformative power of artistic expression, be it thru a song, a poem, personal monologue, or dance. This might be combined with a safe salon experience, inviting others to share their creative work, as well. If you are interested in a presentation, or in my facilitating such a salon, please contact me through this site.

Whether we are preparing to sing a song, read a poem or share our personal story, be it in front of a few or thousands, we are readying ourselves to risk revelation. In our willingness to be fully seen, we are offering our greatest gift: the vulnerability of our naked humanness, in this world, in these times. From that arises a core strength that surpasses all others.

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