I'm Still Alive


 In our willingness to be fully seen, we are offering our greatest gift:  our vulnerability…from which arises our strength.

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I’m Still Alive

This offering of poetry, ambient sound, and music is the creative culmination of decades of work, personally and professionally. Now in my 60s, armed with courage and passion (and flanked by highly talented musicians) I am moved to share my story, with the hope it will have a healing effect on those who choose to engage with it – both those who know the experience firsthand, and those who wish to understand it.


All poetry and songs written by Fran Carbonaro

Produced & Arranged by Fran Carbonaro

Recorded and Mixed by Paul Lamb

Jo Mansell: vocals
Fran Carbonaro: spoken word, acoustic guitar, xylophone, udu
Jami Sieber: acoustic and electric cellos
George Chavez: acoustic cello
Bruce Kurnow: harmonica
Jan Martinelli: stand-up bass
Paul Lamb: fretless and electric bass
Terry Keady: electric guitar
Kendrick Freeman: drums
Sahar Pinkham: tabla, tar drum
Claire Beery: hammered dulcimer, tenor recorder
Robert Gilmore: alto flute, flute choir
Briallyn Mansell: harmony vocals

Fran Carbonaro’s brilliant musical and spoken word project expresses the broken and resilient heart of the howling feminine psyche. Through psychologically hip poetry and soulful vocals (sung by Jo Mansell) she draws the listener in and makes known the complex levels of human experience. Fasten your seat belt as she shepherds you through the realms of pain, anger, suffering, redemption, love and delight.
If Terry Tempest Williams and Joni Mitchell secretly conceived a child her name just might be Fran Carbonaro.

Kevin Russell, singer-songwriter, MFT

Founder, Kebtone Productions

Great art can transform that which tears us apart into a healing medicine that deepens and opens both creator and receiver. I’m Still Alive is such a creation. Through her artistry that weaves song, spoken word and unforgettable melodies, Fran Carbonaro has created an experience that carries the listener through wounds and wonders to the sheer celebration of being Alive.

Kim Rosen

Author, Saved by a Poem: The Transformative Power of Words

Fran Carbonaro has offered us an intimate and fierce portrait of someone who has faced the difficult territory of trauma and loss. She has taken the leaden weight of suffering and through her devotion, has transmuted, what was once saturated with shame and sorrow, into a healing tincture for those of us who have been similarly touched by abuse. Her poems and songs carry an alchemical power–elemental and true–capable of touching our most vulnerable places with compassion. These are sacred words calling us back to our wholeness.

Francis Weller

Author, The Wild Edge of Sorrow: Rituals of Renewal and the Sacred Work of Grief

Fran’s sharing of her story is poignant, thought provoking, heart opening, and profound.  Her capacity to share both through spoken word and music allows us to open our hearts and thoughts to our own life experiences.
Thank you Fran…for being the courageous survivor modeling empowerment to all of us!

Christine Castillo

Executive Director, Verity Rape Crisis, Trauma & Healing Center in Santa Rosa, CA

I’m Still Alive is a testimony to the resilience of the human spirit and to the healing power of poetry and song. Fran speaks eloquently of the struggle to survive abuse and offers a vision of how to transmute pain into beauty.

Larry Robinson

Founder and Producer, Rumi’s Caravan