Fran Carbonaro teaching at Guitar Fest

February 2019 : Teaching at Guitar Fest

Who am I?


I am a vocal coach, singer-songwriter, poet and endlessly evolving woman. I reside and teach in Sonoma County, CA.

In the fall of 2018, I released an album of original spoken poetry and song, titled I’m Still Alive. This was a project of profound reconciliation with my own past and a testament to the healing power of the creative process. In addition to coaching voice, I am available as a speaker and facilitate workshops on risking revelation.

I have been coaching voice in Sonoma County for 35 years. My students are both budding and seasoned singers, of all ages, who are discovering, honing and saving their voices. In addition to coaching the singing voice, I have experience coaching trans women in exploring and locating an authentic feminine voice.

I invite you to explore your own voice within the comfort and safety of my home studio. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

The Vocal Studio

Where we will work together with the intention of uncovering your authentic vocal sound, while also building strength, expanding your range and experiencing freedom.

I'm Still Alive

This offering of poetry, ambient sound, and music is the creative culmination of decades of work, personally and professionally.

Risking Revelation

Are you willing to be fully seen when offering your artistic gifts? To touch and inspire, rather than just impress your audience? To move beyond your comfort zone?